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Dennis & Nastia – Secret Proposal

February 25th, 2015   No Comments
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Dennis asked me if i could take some secret photo of how he would be proposing to his lady. I sad YES & got pretty excited since its something new to me and I haven’t done nothing like it yet. So the proposal date was scheduled on January 9th. He decide to propose to here at around […]


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Vlad & Dasha

February 20th, 2015   No Comments

Another beautiful wedding with Vlad & Dasha they have made the commitment to live together for ever and happy. It was a very grate and fun wedding that I photographed. God bless you guys to live happy after for ever        


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Lighting storm

February 10th, 2015   No Comments

1 night happened to be in a location where the lighting storm was passing by and I decided to get some shoots of it. And here is the image I managed to get.    


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Frozen Night

November 15th, 2014   No Comments

It was a very clear and cold night. Me & my friend decided to go out to falls and photograph it at night, so we did. We thought it would work out however, to our suprise we found that the falls wore lightened up at night, which I never new. So we decided to focus […]


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Mt.Hood Star trails

April 17th, 2014   No Comments
Mt.Hood Trails by yuriy farina

It was a cold and clear night at mt.hood and i was cold as-well however I didn’t give up I jumped and ran around a little to get wormed up and finally got this shoot.  


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FPV areal video flying, GoPro 3 +

December 22nd, 2013   No Comments
yuriy photography dji 550 areal image

I had a chance to go fly my hexa copter today. I have just received my screen holder that mounts on my spektrum dx8 and i’ve also finished setting my hexy, so I really wanted to go fly and test it out, and today i got a chance to go and fly my DJI 550 I […]


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Oregon Highway view from above

October 6th, 2013   No Comments
yuriy photography oregon view

This place just draws me back. I wanted to come and take some night images from this location for some time and finally got a chance and it was very peaceful time night with no wind at all. Shooting city shoots from above with big lens and longer exposures is actually not easy and it […]


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Nick and Yana engagement

September 20th, 2013   No Comments
nick & yana enagement

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Sasha & Pasha brothers sunset images

September 1st, 2013   No Comments

Sasha & Pasha 2 same brothers They are really the same looking aming really When i was taking this images I was like thinking so which one is which ha ha, but I want the right guy to turn a little left so i just randomly called there names trying to get it wright lol […]


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Oti & Debie maternity photo shoot

August 30th, 2013   No Comments
2013-08-30_Oti & Debie_027

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