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Mt.Hood & the reflection.

July 24th, 2015   No Comments
mt.hood sunset

Ive been wanting to take this image for a year or so. As I was traveling with my family to explore Mt.Hood a little did i know one of my dream shoot will be taken. We decided to visit 1 of the lakes closes to our traveling path and this was 1 of them, its called […]


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Serg & Natasha in love photo shoot

June 2nd, 2015   No Comments

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Oti & Debbie family photo shoot

May 4th, 2015   No Comments
Oti Debbie Pop

Oti and Debbie family photo shoot.


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Nick & Ira family photo shoot

April 18th, 2015   No Comments

  Nick & Ira Family photo shoot.        


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M3 bro’s

April 12th, 2015   No Comments
bmw m3 stanced

Had a shoot with this m3’s.     Keywords: m3, stanced, cars, bmw, m5, m4, m6, car photography, portland m3s, portland bmw, portland stanced, stanced cars, stanced m3


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Oregon goarge oneonta falls

April 10th, 2015   No Comments
oneonta falls

Here is my little adventure to oneonta falls. I was prepared I guess you could say that, however getting this final image’s did cost me in the loss of my mobile device & getting wet a little. However grate image’s payed off for me I when’t out early morning at about 8:30-am to hick for […]


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Vista House

March 20th, 2015   No Comments
Vista house sunset

I really wanted to capture an image in which you would see nice sunset and higher above expose some stars. Well this type of image are fun to make but require lots of patience, since i had to take multiple exposure during sunset time and few shoots during night shoots. Then latter in Photoshop reveal the areas […]


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Dennis & Nastia – Secret Proposal

February 25th, 2015   No Comments
Featured IMG

Dennis asked me if i could take some secret photo of how he would be proposing to his lady. I sad YES & got pretty excited since its something new to me and I haven’t done nothing like it yet. So the proposal date was scheduled on January 9th. He decide to propose to here at around […]


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Vlad & Dasha

February 20th, 2015   No Comments

Another beautiful wedding with Vlad & Dasha they have made the commitment to live together for ever and happy. It was a very grate and fun wedding that I photographed. God bless you guys to live happy after for ever        


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Lighting storm

February 10th, 2015   No Comments

1 night happened to be in a location where the lighting storm was passing by and I decided to get some shoots of it. And here is the image I managed to get.  


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